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We established the Will writing business of Access Legal to provide a service driven Will writing and registration service for expatriates in the United Arab Emirates.

Too often we have encountered poor service from service providers in the UAE, including in relation to the preparation of Wills. This inspired us to provide you with a service that is as straightforward and hassle free as possible, while providing you with piece of mind that your family and assets are protected.

Not only do we ensure that you are provided with a quality product, but we focus on providing you with excellent service throughout the entire process.

Our legal professionals have extensive experience both here in the UAE and internationally and they are here to guide you through the drafting and registration of your Will. You will receive clear and practical advice on the options available to you, we will ensure you are aware of all information we require from you and we will manage the process every step of the way.

Corporate Legal Services by Access Legal

Access Legal also provides Corporate Legal Services for businesses and individuals.


If you would like to find out more about the Corporate Legal Services we provide, please click here.

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